Monday, January 29, 2007

Artist Review

"The Magic Coloring Wall"

"Two Things", a group that started out as graffiti artists created an installation known as "The Magic Coloring Wall". Ubi De Feo, an Italian artist is the mastermind behind this fascinating program. When a club called Panama asked Ubi De Feo if he was interested in doing an installation, he jumped at the opportunity. De Feo had four days to create the magic coloring wall. The magic coloring wall. The piece is exactly what the title says it is... a magic coloring wall. The installation consists of a computer, and a large projection screen. The computer projects a line drawing on to the screen, and viewers are given a "magic paintbrush" to color the drawing in. When the viewer puts the magic paintbrush over a certain area, that spot fills in with color, as if you were painting with an actual paintbrush. The only observation i had of the actual piece was a video demonstration by De Feo. The only thing the Demonstration made me want to do was set one up for myself and play with it for hours.

The Distributed Legible City
In, 1998, australian artist Jeffrey Shaw created the instilation work titled "The Distributed Legible City". This work is displayed with an excersize bycicle, and a computer moniter. The intention of the artist is to allow the viewr to sit on the bycicle and pedal around while observing themselves move in the virtual world ( displayed on the moniter). Initially, this piece did draw my atention. unfortunately, this attention did not have any artistic substance. i felt that the piece was a cute activity for the kids to play on while their parents floated around the rest of the art mueseum. i greatly admire, other creations by jeffrey shaw, but not this one. while the instalation was interesting, i saw no real purpose or intentions by the artist in the artist statement.